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Alright, I made a sticker request form.

I'm going to be adding more stickers soooooon (just need to, you know, *make them*), but I figured I'd get this up there :)

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New year, new post...

Hi, I'm Rey, a polyamorous, postfurry, queer as fuck, non-binary trans catgirl and nascent fox. I share my path with @ezricatte and @tastymochafox but tbh I'm a slut who dates a whole bunch of people. I'm probably dating you, somewhere in time.

I am an engineer, the sort who makes embedded hardware do cool things. I was the founder and admin of, until my foxgirl transformation was complete at the end of 2018.

I am in Rochester, NY mostly, Boston regularly, Seattle occasionally, and perhaps NYC and Toronto once in awhile.

I am made of love. It's stronger than you. Says so on the label.

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Hey ,

This is my last message as an admin of

It began as a weekend project, something cool to play with, to fill up time between jobs.

Then others showed up. And we became friends. And we became a community.

We built a decidedly queer space, atop radical acceptance and boundaries and consent and respect and love.

What started as a novelty became a safe space, a judgement-free place for self-exploration, for myself and for so many others.

This was the first community where I was Rey, 100% of the time. This was the first community where I've felt *normal* for being into the things I'm into, for loving folks like I do, for being _me_.

But at some point, it began to feel like v.c was usurping my identity. Being "Rey, the Vulpine Club admin" became awkward and uncomfortable. This isn't who I *am*... I am so much more.

I've also struggled with the conflict between having responsibility for the safety of this community, and being in personal intimate relationships with a substantial part of it.

So, I figure it's time to turn in my badge and pun, and leave things in the paws of the best admins, mods, and friends I could leave y'all with: Sariya and Clara.

I love you all. You are such beautiful and amazing critters. Thank you for being here with me <3

P.S. I'll still be around, you betcha

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An official statement of response to the gentleman's concerns is attached.

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@mwlucas a policy I should make explicit: if I boost something and it brings shitheads to your yard, please let me know so that I can block them too

Holy shit:

The Barq's that is dispensed from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines is caffeine-free. This is because the system uses the same concentrated, microdosed ingredient for both Barq's and Diet Barq's; the only difference between the two is the sweetener that is added.

Barq's Root Beer (sugary version) has caffeine in the canned and fountain form factors, but not in the Freestyle form factor.

We have verified this with Coke's nutrition information web site.

Why? How? I'll come up with a conspiracy theory soon, but I just wanted to get this out there before-- shit, gotta go

This is an important announcement. Enbys are cute, thank you.

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Truscum/transmedicalists are TERF adjacent and I have no time for them.

Very long article about women in computer programming. From the beginning, to why there are generally less women in IT now and why are not staying in IT

@RedFuture I liked this so much that vectorised it and I printed it big, so my friends and me can now update our status with magnets.

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Number of WEA activations during a 60-minute call with my boss: 2

I don't think the Snow Squall Warning thresholds are set correctly for western NY, that's for sure, heh...

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