from jhonen vasquez's interview with polygon: "The show is preoccupied with mindlessness in general, an obliviousness to horror that allows for horror to be normal."

sounds like zim is even more a show for this day and age

committing crimes and not getting caught for it because i have a cartoon horse as my avi. the police can't catch me. horses don't have fingerprints

Driving around in a Subaru Outback full of lesbians, aces, laptops, and radios

But I repeat myself

you are very cute and adorable regardless of what species you identify as

it will soon be 3 years since mastodon became A Thing

gosh that brings me back...

@lynnesbian Mr. Zucc: we received some fascinating data from uh... Mr. Weeeeeedislife and uh, it's useless.

Sometimes your gender expression is being a rubber animal and that's alright. It's not like there's such a thing as THE non-binary body™

Subtoot; update 


re: Mr. Bighead said trans rights 

Mr. Bighead said trans rights 

hot take about domain names 

words for identities (haha, i said “-tities”) 

Selfie, eye contact 

just saw myself in a reflection off a glass window

just vague enough that i could imagine my face but more femme

and it's a really good thought

selfie, eye contact 

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