something i need to internalize is that i can feasibly only sustain weirdness in software in one direction at a time. i can write a thing i already know how to build in a language i don't know, or i can build something i don't yet know in a thing i do know, but i cannot do both without getting dissuaded by the lack of progress

re: internship (++++) 

there is a place for comfort food stories, but it should by no means be all that's allowed to exist

Custodians represent!
People who clean up after you
Are part of the office too!

absolutely nobody: HEY BABY WHAT'RE YOU DOIN'

me: sitting around in my underwear, reading a postage stamp catalog

i wish i could see myself how people i care about see me. that would be useful

add madeline celeste to smash


she's from an amazing and very popular switch title and we definitely deserve a canonically trans character

"i sexually identify as an attack helicopter" 

Rochester NY, Police Accountability Board, news 

sex, PrEP 

my laptop is back home!!

so glad to have you back on the home LAN, pearl.dyn.owo.girldicks

I see a :transgender_flag:​ in the airport and a 🏳️‍🌈 too among the US and California ones

the three genders 

“excuse me, ms. dos?”
“that’s dr. dos to you”

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