remember, video games are not like real life. for instance, in Animal Crossing, you’re *encouraged* to have regular contact with your entire neighborhood...

Just woke up with this profound resonance about how my body is literally self constructed and what a fucking masterpiece it is.

It's hitting me particularly hard tonight just how much our minds are just overblown state machines.

It's giving me the distinct vibe like this. You know things like non-employment and drug-seeking as a coping mechanism, the kind of things fascists love to hate on? The idea that this is a person being bad is literally, to me, as ass-backwards and steeped in nonsense as the notion that a king's touch and blessing can cure tuberculosis.

The world is pretty awful, but I’m happy to have my furry friends at home and my furry friends here.

Cat ec

On socialization 

imagining a world where broadband never happened but game devs still wanted to patch their games after release.

you would have to, like, go to your local game store and copy the update to a flash drive or something

not to be confused with frenology, the study of how to be good fren

The player from Animal Crossing is canonically trans.

How do I know this? They are a character who exclusively communicates through dad jokes. There is no cishet explanation for this.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are actually four genders:
• Yes
• No
• Sometimes
• Maybe

:opens fox muzz, emits the sound of ocean waves lapping at the beach and docks, the dream of the shore to one who has spent too long at sea:

A more serious point:

Did you know that you don’t select a gender at all in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? You select a style. That alters whether you see more pants or more skirts available in stores.

That’s it. You can wear whatever you like, have any eyes you like, have any hair you like, and so on.

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Advice on learning: don't worry about how long it takes 

mastodon feature request: ability to star posts multiple times if they have the word "schadenfreude" in the CW

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