you wanna know something that's wild to me? we have no way of really knowing if we're the first/only form of life on earth that foomed and radically changed everything.

it could be that the dinosaurs were really brilliant too! geologic time would just erase every trace of them.

but also, most life on earth seems to only have ~600 million years left (if wikipedia is accurate) before plants die off and take most everything else with them.

i am not sure that's enough time for another intelligent species to take off and either get things right or catastrophically fuck it up like we might

be sure to check your child's candy this Halloween, I just found this in my bag of donut holes!!! VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!

Any fursona can be improved by giving them a collar.

collars on fursonas that are typically not domesticated species (deer, kangaroos, etc.) is an aesthetic that I live for.

Just hate that we feel like we might be losing people on masto... Good people.

But in the end, we hope that they find happiness wherever they end up.

me 10 years ago: how the heck did the world of dune get to the butlerian jihad

me now: oh now i understand perfectly

Pol meta, reflecting on 2016 dem bullshit 

apparently there was a leak at the fediverse drama factory, and all y'all are downwind of a toxic cloud of it

click on the settings thinger for your home timeline and uncheck "show boosts," and you, too, will have no idea what the fuck is going on


  • otherkin are valid as fuck
  • who you follow is your own damn business
  • follower count is not friend count
  • hating on instances for running pleroma is fuckin bullshit, do y'all even know how much of a pain in the ass it is to run mastodon in production??
  • Halestorm's cover of Get Lucky fucking slaps

transphobes, ableists, and bullies: you aren't a human

my trans, autistic, otherkin ass: okay, fine.

them: wait no not like that

me: *is already finding my true authentic identity and living happily as a roo and deer-kin and planning for my transition into a hella cute non-binary deer once transhumanist technology advances enough*

them: stop you weren't supposed to be happy about that!

Spam my cats typed overnight 

What do you mean husbandry has nothing to do with pointing at big musclegut dragons and calling them my husband?

I saw a post about public-library-run federated social networks and, like, omg, i want libraries to run all the federated internet services. Library-run social networks, email, IDPs, all of it.

Breaks our heart to know that some people aren't even a little gay

well I was going to go to the remnants of Northgate mall to do a capitalism, but Nature! there's a windstorm on, and, well. this isn't an entire tree, despite appearances; it's about 1/2 of the upper 2/3, a large fork, that was apparently (going by the looks of the bole at the end of the branch) having some severe problems already. this is directly across the semi-arterial along which the bus I was going to take needed to travel. I did a capitalism at the walking-distance stores instead, and by the time I was done there (half an hour maybe) the big branch had been pulled off to the side and reduced to firewood chunks.


jenny absoluted mutilated this pumpkin just so she could wear it as some makeshift mask thing

u r n x t


cannabis, meds (+) 

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